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    What kind of time have into this now? Just curious.

    I know I have allot of time in just reading and studying the pics? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanHappy View Post
    What kind of time have into this now? Just curious.

    I know I have allot of time in just reading and studying the pics? Lol

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    Oh geez, there are some things you don't keep track of how long it takes, like sex or working on your bike. I like to split a big project like this into smaller ones, and enjoy each one as it gets done, you loose tract of time. Like I said I love the aluminum work, when you finish up a piece like the cross brace and hold it in your hand, it's just a great feeling. I would not be surprised if this tour pack took six months or a year to finish, hundreds of hours, you have to love doing it.

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    I was thinking a hell of a lot! So I can see the time involved. Your not slapping shit together.

    Time tells good work my friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanHappy View Post
    Your not slapping shit together.

    Time tells good work my friend!
    Thanks Dan, you guys are jury of my peers so I appreciate that.
    Working on the second brace.

    This is the second brace that will go up toward the front.

    I was able to get it pretty much done, holes drilled in the ends to mount, sanded pretty good, still needs some finish work.

    Here is the side plate with final measurements, placement.

    Center punch and drill.

    Trial fit.

    I was also able to drill out some of my holes, and finish my center hole, this is the second side clamped to the first using the router table trim bit trick.

    The mount is very strong and fits very well, it pops right in place; it weighs in at five pounds so it still needs to go on a diet. I also need to cut down the weight of the pack itself, so I ordered an angle die grinder to grind out some of the inside.
    I picked up a bunch of button head SS, and some SS acorn nuts to put everything together with. I’m going to try to get the last hole cut, but need a 1 ľ bit. Then I can mount the pack and see how everything lines up.
    I still have a ton of stuff to do but that is where I am at.

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    Moving forward

    I got all my holes drilled, and here I am beveling all my exposed edges.

    I really like the 45% beveled edges instead of the rounded, it acts like a diamond cut and highlights the edges instead if blending.
    They will be hit again later after all the edges get a good sanding, there are still some rough spots, but like I said before the bevel makes for less edge to sand.
    When you polish the beveled edges you lose some of the sharpness, so you need to do a lot of sanding and keep the buffing to a minimum. Iíll explain the better later.

    Here I am starting to clean up my stock, this is 220 on my da.

    Then you move on to wet sanding in a straight pattern.

    And here we are assembled, notice the 3/8 hole was too small for my wheeled bevel bit so will have to do that by hand later. There are still some spots that I donít like, and the front still needs the hand holds and the cup holder. I will also add some lightening holes in the front to pull everything together.

    All that work to make the braces and you cannot even see them;-)

    A blurry photo but you get the idea.

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    Is it done yet???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puzzled View Post
    Is it done yet???
    Yea enough of this goofing off:-)
    I did some wet sanding.

    I’ve sanded off probably 75% of the high build primer getting it smooth. It needs another primmer coat.

    The primer really show up where you need more body work.

    I need to sand that down, and then do a little more filling around the lid to fill in some gaps.

    This is epoxy with some filler to make it thick, it holds up better than body filler and glass resin.

    You tape off your lid so the filler does not stick, let it dry and then pop it open and sand.

    Laying out to attach the mount on the tour pack, center line then measure out.

    Position, drill your holes and bolt it on.
    Here is a good example of no matter how much you plan everything out when you change one thing it changes something else that you did not think of. I was going to leave the hole in the middle of the bottom, and just make a lid for it.
    Well you can see the braces are in the way I did not see this coming, so I am going to fill that hole and move the hole to the side under where the actuator goes. Duhhhh.

    And here is a side by side of before and after the pack was narrowed.
    Speaks for itself, fits the look of the bike much better. I did take it to town for a test run, even stopped to pick up some stuff, yea actually used it, holds a 12 pack of soda, and a can of Bondo, although I was carful that the can did not roll out of the hole in the bottom, need to take care of that;-)
    It’s going to be handy stopping for lunch, a place for the helmets and taking some extra jackets along.
    Oh yea Mrs Cruiser tried it, she like it.
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    I need to start cleaning up and get ready for paint.

    Spread on a little hole-be-gone.

    I want to get started on my electronics so was able to lay out where I want my LEDs.

    I thought about putting them under the pack, kind of hidden but think it will add to the interest in the back.

    Time to drill some pilot holes

    Then the 5/16 holes.

    These are 6mm id, 8mm od carbon fiber tubes for the LEDs to sit in. Man this stuff is tough, when I say strong, it will hold me when suspended between two pieces of 2x4. And so light, like a straw you would get at McDonalds.
    Anyway I am mumblings again.

    Cut them to 1 ľ on the band saw, they cut pretty easy but you can tell that they are hard, about like cutting aluminum.

    And insert them in your holes.
    I am going to let them stick out until I epoxy them in, then they will be ground off flush with the rear of the pack. All you will see is a hole, you wonít even see the LEDs until they come on, they will be recessed about Ĺ and inch.
    I am not going to put the speakers in or the amplifier; I am getting concerned about the weight. The pack weighs in at about thirty pounds, not bad now, but in order to take it on and off, I need to keep it as light as possible.
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    I am starting on the electronic actuator, I’m not sure how practical this is going to be.

    A video of how it works.

    Trying to figure out where it should be mounted, In all honesty this is a challenge especially with the weight restrictions of the actuator.

    Shut it is 8.25 open 14 so need it as straight up and down as possible, needs to be as far towards the front as possible and still open up as far as I want.
    The top mount will have several places to mount it.
    Laying that out now.

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    Well I went to Lowes and they did not have my blade, out of stock so, Iím using my drill press with an end mill bit to take it down, the drill press works ok but you need to take it slow.


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