Iím new here but know a lot of you guys from other forums so wanted to show what I have been doing for the last couple of months.
I want a custom tour pack for my Softail, I want the basic shape of a HD pack, but want to chop it, hide the hinges, hide the latch, loose the flange, and the gasket.
I also want to reinforce it with carbon fiber, and be able to use the HD touring back rest, but most important I want it to look like the styling on my Softail Bagger.
So I picked this up on E-bay, it looks like it did a little slide down the road.

Iím just mocking it up here on the solo rack that was a project here a couple of years ago.
The tape shows where I want to chop it.
I want it big enough to fit a couple of half helmets and maybe a jacket or two but donít need it huge.
This is just for day trips, for touring I have a different set up.
First thing to do is grind off the rivets to take off the hinges.
You can see there is a nasty crack from someone opening the lid with a heavy weight on it. The fiberglass is very thin and in all honesty pretty flimsy, guess they want to keep the weight down.

Then start cutting off the flanges.

Here is what it looks like without the flanges.

Cut off the bottom, in order to mold the top to the bottom you need access from the bottom.

Where the crack is I am putting this temporary brace to hold it together.
All the edges have been sanded with a grinder so that the new resin will bond.

The top is smaller than the bottom so it needs a space so that when you start filling the gap it will match up. The braces are to keep the top in place, they are temporary there are also two in the front.

Turn it upside down. Next comes the glass and resin.

Iím just putting 1-2 layers to get it started. A side note, there are two types of polyester resin used mostly with fiberglass, waxed and un-waxed, the un-waxed is used mostly for layup in big molds where there are multiply layers. It is cheaper and sold in large containers, the waxed version is considered a premium resin and is used mostly for repairs, it has a wax that seals the resin as it dries and keep the resin from being sticky when dry. This is what I like to use for small jobs like this.