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    Agree! Looks good.

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    Looks good. So is the final decision to leave it black or are you going to go CF and match the bags?

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    Sorry that it has taken so long get back, the weather has been nice been riding instead of working on the bike.
    I’ve been using the tour pack and have to say it is very handy, I very seldom use the saddlebags.
    I still have not made a final decision on the paint, I’ve been playing around with a couple of colors and still not sure if I am going to go carbon fiber or paint everything.
    I picked up my new color, metallic charcoal; I’m going to start on my front fender to test the color out.
    This fender was a project, been maybe six seven years ago, here is how it started out, an eBay banged up special.

    I straightened up the front and added the tail from a rear fender.

    Then added a ridge up the back to match the rear fender.

    I ran it for several years and I banged it up pretty bad when I hit a deer a couple of years ago and started to repainted it, as you can see the paint is not perfect, then bumped my gate before the paint was done about a year ago and have been ignoring it. So now is the time to redo it.

    Grind off the cracked paint and filler.

    Hammer and dolly to get it straight, it had spread some so you just pull it in by laying it flat and pushing down on it.

    I need another sanding block.

    New body filler on all the damaged areas.

    Then sand it smooth.

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    Too many photos :-)

    Prime it with the high build primer.

    And then you start your final wet sanding, here with 320 wet. There are a few real small spots that need the finish filler another sanding and spot shot with primer in my air brush, then ready for paint.
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    I trying out another color, metallic charcoal. The paint turned out really nice, I love the color, and I am thinking of going two tone. I think the second color will be a metallic black.
    A couple of quick.

    I’m thinking of a different style wheel, not sure what I want yet, something in a 19 or 21, nothing too tall.

    Here is the second color, it is a lot blacker but still has the flake.

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    A quick update, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the bike, it’s been too hot, too cold, and you know all the excuses.
    Maybe posting in here will give me some motivation to get back to work on it.
    I was able to get the tour pack painted, love the color carbon flash. It looks black until the sun hits it.

    It is a real rich color, rich meaning not normal black. It has several colors to make up the black instead of just a black pigment. Then it has black and silver metal flakes to give it the metallic look.
    A big difference from the vivid black Harley paint.

    The tour pack is very comfortable for my wife and really handy, much handier than I ever expected.
    The paint has been rubbed out since then but not done a lot on it since. I still haven’t figured out the final finish. The tour pack came loose on a real bumpy dirt road and has some road rash and a small chip so I am seriously thinking of covering it with the Carbon fiber to reinforce it. I think a CF and part paint would look cool, but cannot come up with a pattern that grabs me, maybe I am thinking too much. I also need a better way to lock the pack to the bike LOL. I also picked up a 21” front mag and tire for the front, I am still working on that, raising up the fender and all that involved, also going to the black and deep cut aluminum on the front forks and accent pieces. So going for a little different look instead of all the chrome.
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    Cool! I was interested how it was working out.

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