Re-post from the CVO forum.

I started my day today with a 14 mile run. After my post run coffee I cleaned myself up and Gina and I took the 2013 CVO Road Glide down to Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson. We made our way to the back office of the general manager Ty. He was who I was texting and receiving pictures from while he was at the dealer show. He was aware of my interest in a new CVO Road Glide or Road Glide Special. Luckily there was an 18 CVO Road Glide so it was just a matter of choosing a color. Gunship Gray peaked my interest as it is different and a departure from my orange bike collection. Before Ty left the dealer show I had committed to taking one with the only thing pending was the availability and time frame. Once in his office we found out we are getting the first CVO to roll into the dealership and it just happens to be a Gunship Gray CVO Road Glide. There wasn't much haggling as they are a MSRP dealership so there was no markup. I asked to loose the freight and prep and it took him all of a second to say OK. We moved on to the important stuff, when will we see it. This bike has a ship date of September 29th. He's guessing a day or two on the road and a day or two once they get it to set it up. Barring any delays we will have this bike for Daytona Biketoberfest this year.