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    2011 electra glide build

    I bought a salvage title electra glide a while back to try and build and sell. it was damaged hardly at all so I brought it back home and stared to tear it apart. I had to replace the handle bars remove the crash bar because it was bent on the left side, so I ordered a complete bodykit from bike life natio (wanted to take a chance on a non name brand to see how it would fit just had to make the lid hardware holes a little bigger and remove some material so the lid screws would go through the bag because they were to thick for screws to be long enough.) front fender,tank covers, side covers and 6down and 9 back fender and bags 26 inch 48 fat spoke wheel new vee rubber tire, new chrome single sided lower fork legs new windshield, has stock shocks with 3 inch lowering kit(figured I would let someone else put their own air ride on it if they wanted to) also radio and speakers are stock usually people like a special brand so that's why I left it stock I also made a home made side dump with cat still in head pipe for back pressure with a resonated tip sounds pretty good. bike has 16700 miles on it ive rode it 3 times adding up to about 400 miles rides nice too. title should be back any time not really sure what to ask for it either I know what I have in it and I just wanted to post it on here. paint: gold base coat with candy brandy wine with old flakes and gold ghost flames
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    more pics
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    more pics.....
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    Nice job.

    Tap it!

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    Looking good!!
    It didnít look that far on the map.

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    Looks good. How did you like working with them BikeLife Nation bags and fender?

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    Nice work. Turned out killer.

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    thanks for all the nice comments the bike life nation stuff wasn't that bad except the primer the use u might as well sand it off its not the best

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    Bike turned out nice Jeremy



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