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    Damn. Bike looks great bro. How's the ride?

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    Bike looks awesome. Wheel looks very very cool.

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    Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven't been around. It's been a busy summer. Got the bike done just in time for the ride to the wall last Memorial Day. It was awesome, real attention whore. One of the bands in the front tire broke and I had some issues getting the exhaust lined up, but I got it all straightened out. The bike rides really smooth, the wind doesn't push me around as much as everyone told me they thought it would. It does wiggle a little when I get behind a semi on the highway, no big deal. If I did it again I would not go with a tank-less system, it just takes to long to air-up. I might for-go the 18 inch rotor as well, it makes a slight buzzing sound, but it performs well.

    It was a great summer and I had a good time riding around WV. Unfortunately, do to financial dilemmas I need to sell it. I just can't afford to keep it. I went way over budget and some other expenses have come up. I could really use some pointers in the best way to sell and what I should price it for. I know I am going to lose money, but I need to get enough to cover some debts.

    Thanks for the views and subs and followers, the good and bad advice, experiences, and lessons learned. I really appreciate the complements, and I look forward to sharing future projects.

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    Wow. Glad you had fun on it for a little while. Sorry to hear you have to sell it. That gotta suck big time. Good luck on the sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicant View Post
    New gas cap (Figure Machine) and chin spoiler (Trask)
    Attachment 66606
    Attachment 66607

    I know I haven't been posting a lot, just getting down to the knitty-gritty. I should be going off to paint in about a week.
    Who's dash did you use? Good luck with the sale, sorry u have to sell it, that sucks, you just got it together.

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    Hi rubicant! Where are you fixing your compressor for air ride ?
    Sorry for my english

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicant View Post
    Seats came in today. So did the the steering stem bearings. Back to work I go.

    Solo style
    Attachment 66200Attachment 66201

    Solo with pilon
    Attachment 66202Attachment 66203

    Attachment 66204
    Who's seat it this?


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