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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanna Ride View Post
    Bike looks awesome, can't wait to see finished pics.
    Thanks, trying to get it ready so I can head to ROT this weekend.

    Quote Originally Posted by reficul View Post
    Bike looking great! Frank Dragos is the best.
    Frank is awesome, we're going see what this motor will sound/run like tomorrow - I hope.

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    ROT is going to be an awesome time! Wish I could have finished my bike in time.

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    Everything working, just need to bolt this fender up.

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    Well got everything buttoned up just in time to head to Austin for ROT. Here is the finished product, still need to tidy up some things. After seeing bikes in Austin, I have a long way to go....


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    Idk bro. Looking pretty killer as is.

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    very nicely done

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    Clean ride bro

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. I'll get some more pictures up once the rain stops here in SA.

    I have to figure out how to stop my bag latches from rattling from the bass of the rear speakers. After tightening the latches, they still rattle on songs with heavy bass. Reminds me of high school days, but it's annoying as hell now.
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    who wants to ride deeez nuts hahaha

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    Bike looks great! It'll be tough to get the latches to stop rattling with certain songs. Try some dynamat inside the latches. They'll still shake depending on the song but it'll cut down on the vibrating sound

    Tap it!


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